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pictures of the man. they believe he's between 17 and 22 years of aichblgt you can make out the thin mustache there. the man is also wearing ear caps. he set a garbage can on fire. the school snot damaged. >> preparations underway at this weekend's surf competition this, view from sky 7 shows an area near half moon bay. >> we'll put these guys on the edge. they'll have to bring a game to start these waves. >>s this has been a dream of mine. and this is coming true. the wave injured more than a dozen people in 2010.
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a surf advise very what you want if you're a competitor but rest of us have to be careful. >> yes. and it's not just an advisory but a beach hazard statement. you want to stay away from the edge of the coastline. as you look at doppler 7 you'll see high clouds coming in. it's beautiful outside. you might be tempted to head to the coast this long holiday weekend. take the kids. it's going to be nice and mild. ab ware that a statement sup for the coastal area through saturday morning. you'll want to watch out for sneaker waves. stay back from water's edge. now, after that, we have a high surf advisory going up saturday at 10:00 a.m. running until sunday. swelz expected to bismd a swell up to 20 feet. strong rip currents expected.
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they will build tonight peaking into sunday. be careful out there. the forecast includes possibility of rain. >> thank you so much. california caught the flu this, cdc flu activity map shows california in yellow meaning flu is taking nold a moderate level very much everybody. [applause] nannette? >> well, the number of outpatient visits in california is higher than normal for mid january. we normally don't see this kind of activity until late february or early march. >> jilly know what's it's like to be knocked down by the flu. >> i was home, sick well over a week z wasn't able to move off the coach. >> the grandmother thought it's about time to protect her grandchildren from the flu. lucas did okay. mea, of
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health declared it's in over half states. it's h 3 n 2 strain causing a severe form of the illness. >> in years where there is a nans of the h 3 strain, we see more people being homtize chd i can speeks to people getting vaccinated. >> l have been five flu deaths in the state because the flu season hasn't peaked in california doctors say it's not too late to get immunized. >> there is a good match between this year's flu shot, and the circulating strain. that doesn't occur every year, it's guesswork to decide what to put in the vaccine. but looks like a good match this year. >> so keep your hands clean, don't touch your face, stay home if you're sick. recautions also include flu shots. >> for one thing, you know there is fear of being older and complications and death. also, you know, i want to make
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sure that i don't pass it on to my grandchildren. >> there are reported shortages but state insists that is sporadic and you'll be able to find fit you keep looking. >> today is the last day on the job for san jess yeah police chief. chris moore held the position in san jose for two years. he announced resignation in september after a series of challenges including layoffs and cuts and growing moral problems. a last act was chief was to deny floornz casino matrix. his report indicates concerns expangs could hinder department ability to enforce city laws. deputy chief takes over as interim chief while officials try to fill the position permanently. >> san francisco waiting for the results of an investigation into police misconduct. stemming from these surveillance videos from 2011
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in which officers entered hotel rooms without warrants, sometimes, stealing items. as a result prosecutors had to drop hundreds of cases. >> if we have officers who are violating the law and constitutional rights weerk at risk n a free society have you to have the police officers falling -- following the law. >> last summer, he issued a training memo to officer autos the head of the university of california system is stepping down. he did not elaborate on when what those are. the board is expected to create a committee to search for the replacement. the 68-year-old says he plans
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to return to uc berkeley to teach law. >> more students applying for add min mission to university of california. nearly 175,000 students applied for admission to the system for fall, 2013 an increase of 8.6%. and la teen yoz are the largest group applying for freshman admission, making up more than 30% of applicants. >> sign them up, early. a new bill would allow california teens to preregister as vote qlerz applying to get their learners permit at dmvf passed teen woz have to wait until after they turn 18 to vote. the spontsor from santa barbara believes it would increase the number of active voters in california. a martin luther king junior celebration took to streets this afternoon in san francisco. kids from star king elementary
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marched around their campus. they held up peace signs and drawings of dr. king and also listened to part of the famous "i have a dream" speech. the act was approved one year after that march. >> well, still to come here get your binoculars out, find out when you can see an asteroid whiz by. >> a dating service found a way to bring back uncertainty of blinld dates again, you'll see how it works. >> hello, live in atlanta, falcons get ready for sunday's title game. we have a tale two of cities. we'll explain, coming up at abc 7 news at 5:00. p. >> stay with us. the news at
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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black ice being blamed for tributing to a bad accident this morning. a car and truck involved in a rollover crash. no one was seriously hurt. the chief of the russian river fire department says it was icy due to subfreezing temperatures. cruise put down sand this morning. >> police have a picture of a man they believe exposed him stofl a woman last weekend. a security camera took this picture of a car and driver consistent with the victim's description. it happened on sunday. the man asked a woman who is talking for directions. when she wint toward the car, the man exposed himself. >> police say this woman lured an elderly man, then left him penniless, saying he got
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$200,000 from her victim and convinced him to buy her a lexus. they say the victim ended up bankrupt and heart broken. she apparently used money to pay off a victim from n.another case. >> the internet made a blind date truly a thing of the past. a local tech ritder took the app crazy blind date for a spin. >> create an account. i take a picture. >> christina is about to do something crazy in the name of research. she's a writer for the web site venture beat. the tech is an app called crazy blind date oo. so here is my mosaic. >> after scrambling your pick turk the app asks you when and where you want to meet someone. >> third would meet at starbucks today. >> suggested matches are anything but random. the app comes from okay cuban,
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a company founded on using maps to bring couples together. the original app had millions of users to get them to down load the new april, it blacked out fot yeez immediate response was outrage. >> but the co-founder told us it worked. >> we know of hundreds of dates have already happened in two day autos 6:00 p.m. he wants to meet. >> christina land that had date and headed out to this restaurant. >> i know nothing about this person. i have got his first name and ij after looking she found him, gave him a hug and headed inside. >> the word crazy is in the app this lived up to expectation there's would be something crazy bite it turns out they have a lot in common. she writes about start ups and he runs a start up. a friend recognized her in this picture. >> he recognized the picture though it was scrambled he admits it was probably luck
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but says crazy blind date is meeting more people, you can talk to anyone for 20 minutes. >> at the end of the day if that date, it could be a good story. >> how about is that. >> 49ers on the way to atlanta now for their showdown. the winner goes to the super bowl. the team boarded a flight about two hours ago. earlier today, niners went through a practice using music blairing to simulate crowd noise that they will experience. red and gold favored to win but may have a good luck charm to fall back on just in case. >> he doesn't have a flu? no. just a cough and i can't get rid of it. >> thaib this is good luck.
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>> after the game, get that checked out. >> yes. >> mike shumann will be there to get the -- greet the 49ers when arriving in atlanta. >> of course a cold front here in atlanta. now, every major city has their own identity. we know what san francisco is b most i know haven't been east of reno. i thought i'd hit the streets of the atl and let you know what they're all about. san francisco has golden gate park. san francisco has coit tower are, atl, a smaller version. san francisco is known for physical beauty, liberal attitudes. what is atlanta phone nor? >> it's southern hospitality. graciousness. i would say for culture here.
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and people. >> best known for coca-cola. >> what is this town known for? >> football. >> that is right? >> as far as i'm concerned. >> people come here and like to tour a georgia aquarium. >> i can't believe you can't bring up real housewife autos yes. that is very popular. >> one of the good people about atlanta know about san francisco? >> right or long it's a san francisco tree. i fell in love with that. >> golden gate bridge is all i need to see. >> what do you know about san francisco? >> i've been to san francisco. it's gorgeous. >> what do you know about san francisco? >> super bowl. this squares me. if we can control him, we're going to win the game.
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>> there is a shot at super bowl 47. >> threw have i degee yog graphy lesson. the team arrives around 11:30. stick around, we're going to go kaepernicking. >> that sounds fun, thank you. ed lee and atlanta mayor upped the anty f 49ers win, reed will provide lee with a case of georgia ga -- peaches. if the falcons win, he will give phil's coffee. >> i don't know how i feel about that. >> the coverage continues tonight at 11:00 with more coverage from mike shumann in
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atlanta and here on abc 7 news. >> bay area faithful fans are still sending in pictures. look at this little guy. ready for the game. he knows the niners are number one. and the phrase says it all. you can e mail your fan photos and we'll show as many as we can on the air. >> those are fub. >> they are. >> scientists excited for a chance to see an asteroid pass close enough to earth that it may be seen with binoculars. they'll have telescopes ready, somewhere between international space station and a farthest tv sat lice. >> know about it to know it not going to hit the earth at this time.
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maybe sometime in the future this, is not a large one. you won't want to be writ landed if it did. it's not going to cause a catastrophe. >> that is comforting. >> it will travel slowly across the sky on february 15th. shabo will stay open late. that is need. >> weather is perfect for surfing conditions. >> sandhya patel is back and surf's up. >> mavericks going on this weekend. check out surf now. we're talking about it from our camera. waves still small but will be building this, weekend you'll want to watch out for sneaker waves from our camera. beautiful view. i want to show you what it looks like. we do have high clouds moving
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through. but it's nice outside. our radar along with national weather service radar could with tracking rain drops. the weekend is looking fabulous. highs for today, a mild 68 degree day in oakland. up to 72 in santa cruz. if you're planning to head to the beach we do have a beach hazard statement. watch out for sneaker waves this weekend. and here are the temperatures, they're starting to fall. as was under clear skies, 51 in fairfield now. 59, san jose. highlights we're looking at rough surf this weekend. and mild afternoons going into next week.ckwell who with the committee , napa.italians abroad and
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dropping down to freezing in concord. 38, san jose. as you look at your air quality. poor air quality north bay. looking at moderate air quality, once getting a breeze that will help stir up the atmosphere. high pressure strong ridge through tuesday that. is going to continue to send this torm north of us, speaking of mild, san jose tomorrow, santa clara, 66 degrees, near 70 degrees in los gatos. lots of sunshine. 66 half moon bay. sunset district in the mid-70s, temperatures running above normal for this time of the year. i don't think many people are complaining.
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66 in oakland, newark, inland communities, 64 livermore, it's beach weather. 70 in santa cruz. accu-weather forecast, mild pattern throughout the weekend. low to mid-60s. there is a slight chance of rain wednesday and friday. you'll notice cooler weather by then. we need rain. we can use it. so it may be coming back next week. >> up next, finney's friday free stuff. >> he left it here. >> it helps parents beat the high cost of child care. that is coming up at
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view an exhibition show casing what italians have done to create silicon valley. i mentioned one person but there are many other examples. along with that we will have a big conference with italian innovators and venture capitalists and they
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taste fabulous. >> and keeping with our health. from vitamin shop a free bottle of vitamin d and b 12. you can get the full bottle is what you're going to get. $15 worth. so juch on this. >> do you feel like b or d? >> two additional items by going to michael fin eye's consumer blog. >> let me show you right there. at any time you can log on to abc 7 we've got it all there. >> nice that you get a bottle. >> you do. >> thank you. >> sure. >> one of the world's famous paintings can now be seen in outer space. >> technology that is send lg mona lisa out of the world. >> and you can catch jimmy kimmel live week nitsdz
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knights following abc 7 news at 11:00. night line coming on right after jimmy. we'll be right back. and
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our ambition is to have him come g junior holiday and the president's inauguration on the same day. tonight advise dr. king might
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have had for the president. and an experience left one bay area wasn't exactly free. >> thank you. see you then. >> if you can't make to it see mona lisa, perhaps you can head to outer space. >> it's beamed a dij tiesed picture to the moon through a laser. >> the agency says it is a first in using lasers to communicate instead of radio waves most-visited painting in the world. now, out of this world, too. i hope they can just make the moon of her face. >> that would be cool. >> a smile it and could be very nice. >> world news is next. from all of us here, thanks
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for watching. our next newscast sat 6:00 p.m. you can contact any time you wish. >> have a good one. this is "world news." tonight, fear and bravery. what happened inside the building as the workers were taken hostage by terrorists? incredible stories of those who made it out. flu news. we learned today when the epidemic may be over. and how many people in this crowd, on inauguration day, are going to walk away sick? lance talks to oprah. did lance armstrong help himself or make it worse last night? was he really telling the truth? and girls night. this week two funny women had a triumph. after the glamor, their message for shy children everywhere. they're our persons of the week.
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good evening. on this friday night as we come on the air, the drama is still playing out in the desert. the workers, including americans, taken hostage by terrorists with ties to al qaeda.

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